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CaterinaZangrando formally launched her eponymous collection after a chance encounter in a Parisian café with renowned Vogue editor, André Leon Talley, who inspired her to create and largely supported her talent. With the support of one of the great arbiters of fashion, CaterinaZangrando’s collection, alive with joyful colour and irreverent designs, became an immediate hit.

The new Spring Summer collection ‘Double Revolutionary’ pays homage to women who have left an indelible stamp on history, whose legacies strike a fine balance between famous and infamous. Caterina Zangrando finds a new dimension of inspiration, with geometric designs experimenting and exploring the boundaries of classic and modern, bold and mature.

'Doubly revolutionary' in form, the aesthetic contrast between form and materials veils a subtle duality in each piece. Gold, silver, and ruthenium are studded and enriched by a futuristic incorporation of Plexiglas, pearls and Swarovski crystals. The designs are linear, complex in their seeming simplicity; contemporary, with a gentle nod to the past. A sheer Plexiglas collar necklace contrasts with its underlying sheets of gold-plated brass, connected with crystal-capped screws. Pearls balance in a clear Plexiglas casing, secured by crystal screws, for statement rings and bracelets. Thick bands of gold and silver plate, connected by visible screws, create thick cuffs and collar necklaces.

'Doubly revolutionary' also, is the spirit of the collection, that finds balance in a combination of time periods – past, present and future. Powerful pieces contrast the hardness of metal with the frivolity of jewellery in itself. Collar necklaces nod to the strong, protective armor of the past, relaxed by incorporation of Plexiglas, and revealing of the feminine figure that wears it. Bracelets, with the elegance of classical, clean lines, hearken to the past. Gold and pearls, along with Plexiglas, enliven the darkness of ruthenium. Multicolour Plexiglas in rose, violet, and blue soften the geometric compositions of curved stud earrings and three-piece rings, also presented in smoky Plexiglas with ruthenium and Swarovski crystals.

Geometric bands of crystals nestle into Plexiglas curves, resembling the linear composition of city streets. The collection recalls the great metropolises, multiethnic symbols of the modern world, places where strong women, audacious and independent, come together.

Her work continues to grace the pages of the most prestigious magazines around the world. Not surprisingly Caterina Zangrando's fashionable and edgy jewellery has already been spotted by celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Lizzy Jagger, Scarlet Johansson, and Kate Moss.

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